Work Experience With DMJ!

This June, we had the pleasure of welcoming Henery, Harrison and Brooklyn for a week of invaluable work experience at DMJ Drainage. It has been an absolute delight to have them join the workforce and learn new skills.

During Henry Robert’s time with us, he spent the week travelling all over with Drainage Manager, Richard who he completed surveying works with. One place in particular was East Riding of Yorkshire and onto visiting the DMJ Northern division undergoing the works onYarm Driving Range project. A special mention to his school, Pembroke Academy of Cherry Willingham, you should be very proud of Henery’s ongoing efforts.

For Brooklyn and Harrison from Louth Academy, they spent their week alongside Drainage Team leader, Phillip who has taught them many skills when it comes to working as a general operator on a land drainage project. Not only did they get to learn the everyday skills when it comes to working in a land drainage environment, they also helped with the movements to the next project in Owmby. Phillip was highly impressed with their hard work and determination.

We are passionate about offering tailored work experiences and giving all students as many possible opportunities throughout the workplace at DMJ. Promoting this industry to the younger generation is always something we want to push for.

A very well done to all three of these lovely young individuals, we wish you all the best for your futures.

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