Trenching & Utility Installations

Trenching works for utility installations can be provided where speed and precision are required. We have a range of trench specifications available with purpose built pipe chutes to provide laser-graded, clean trenches for precise installations.

Spoil is easily dealt with, being placed either side of the trench so that it can be removed or backfilled. Due to the chain dig characteristics, the spoil excavated is usually fine and can usually be replaced easily.

We carry out trenching works for utility installations in fields, verges, parks, sports fields, recreational areas, golf courses and caravan sites to name a few.

Gas Mains – Our operations have included trenching works for the installation of Gas Mains. Excavations are made prior to installation where precision is required. Working with all authorities is critical to prevent hazardous events.

Water Mains – Not only the excavations with our machinery, we have been involved with the installation of water mains pipes. Both for private and commercial use. Our employees have the knowledge and expertise to excavate and install Water Mains to correct specifications required.

Cable Ducts – Our excavating machinery makes required cable ducting a efficient and effective method. We have the experience to deal with most sized cable ducting, and are able to provide a service to excavate and install any lengths required.

Communication Cables – We have worked with clients to install communication cables that are required to provide a service to customers. Delicate excavations required are required for the effective installation to which our service can be provided.


Wind Farms

In recent years, there has been growing awareness of the need to reduce carbon emissions to slow down the pace of climate change resulting from human activities.

Renewable energy, is critical to progressing towards lower carbon emissions.

Wind energy has overtook hydropower to become the largest renewable generation source. Wind has been the world’s fastest growing renewable energy source, and this trend is expected to continue with falling costs of wind energy, energy security threats and the urgent international need to tackle CO2 emissions to prevent climate change.



At DMJ Drainage Ltd, our team can be involved within the installation and construction phase of windfarms in various ways.

Our trenching machines are used to excavate narrow trenches and depths to 2.25 metres, at a fast pace, meaning a more efficient and cost effective method of excavation in relation to a 360 excavator, with the ability to trench hundreds of metres per day.

These open trenches are perfect to lay the cables in that are required to connect each turbine to each other, then to the nearest substation point on the National Grid. Our Gravel Carts are also used to back-fill the open trench with sand, and then the remaining surplus spoil is back-filled accordingly.

Recently, we have custom adapted one of our machines to be able to physically lay the required cables behind the trenchers. This in term making the whole installation process even more efficient and effective.

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