Our values


We recognise the importance of environmental protection and are committed to operating responsibly and in compliance with all environmental regulations, legislation and approved codes of practice relating to the recycling of materials.

Although we have a relatively low environmental impact, we take these responsibilities very seriously. We endeavour to minimise the production of waste and to observe the Duty of Care Environmental Protection Act in handling waste. We review our environmental policy periodically to ensure we comply with current legislation.

Innovation and sustainability

Creating a sustainable future, one structure at a time

In line with our Sustainability Strategy, DMJ Drainage is pursuing many steps to reduce carbon emissions. Sustainable fuels are only used here as well as recycled aggregate. Our aim will always be to produce a zero carbon project.



As a business, we know we can make a real difference to our local community. That’s why we support our local grassroots football team, young farmers and several community groups through sponsorship.


Project Plant

Project Plant is our way of giving something back. As a business involved in improving the environment, we’re determined to do our bit to reverse climate change. With client approval we’ve committed to off er environment initiatives for every project we undertake. In this way, as well as improving the quality of your farmland through agricultural drainage, and helping you to grow more crops, more effectively, we are creating habitats for wildlife, restoring lost woodlands and contributing to carbon capture


Safety Shield Intelligent Detection System

All of our machines are fully equipped with state of the art Human form camera recognition systems and digital thumbs up. DMJ continuously invests in the latest safety technology.


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