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At DMJ, we have the largest fleet of plant and machinery in the UK.

From trenchers and gravel carts to excavators, tippers and low-loaders, we have all the specialist vehicles needed to install agricultural drainage quickly without undue disruption or damage to your fields and farming operation.

The latest addition to our fleet is a Mastenbroek 45/20 plow. This compact yet powerful machine is ideally suited to UK conditions where plow drainage requires high traction, pulling power, and fast return speeds across soft soils, with a stable, quick-reacting linkage to maintain on-grade pipe installation.

The Mastenbroek self-propelled plow delivers reliable performance over long working days and can install pipes to depths of 1.8 metres.

As well as investing in the latest machinery, we allocate a considerable budget to training and development to ensure our installation teams have the skills and knowledge needed to deliver a first-class job.

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Tier 2 Contractors

At DMJ, our job is to ensure that our specific area of expertise meets all health and safety requirements and complies with local regulations.

We specialise in many specific areas of the larger projects for all civils engineering and pipeline work. Whist we may be involved in other projects of our own, DMJ typically work under general contractors during these larger projects. Our case studies show many of the projects we have completed for Tier 1 contractors.

INNOVATION & Sustainability

Health, Safety & Wellbeing


Investing in modern, reliable and efficient farm machinery helps growers of all sizes to work more quickly and effectively.

Safe and Shielded for DMJ!

Only with the latest Safety Shield AI Human Form recognition can you be certain your workforce is safe and fully protected at all times. Safety Shield’s smart AI vision detects all objects that enter into construction vehicle driver blind spots and identifies only the human form in the designated detection zone. The operator is only alerted if a collision with pedestrians or vulnerable site personnel is imminent.

DMJ is proud to showcase its all-new award-winning technology fitted by Safety Shield to all plant and machinery on the fleet. Safety Shield is the only AI collision avoidance system to have achieved AI accuracy at 99.6%, the gold standard of accuracy levels.

Reducing the risk of injury and making sites as safe as possible has been the number one priority for DMJ and this incredible innovation helps us to reduce that risk. Not only have we added the human form recognition, the Digital Thumbs Up system has been fitted to all our fleet to ensure all sites are run as safely as possible. This is the safest way to approach a machine without any doubt. 

We are immensely proud to showcase this new technology on all our machines in 2023. Our ultimate goal is to have everyone go home safe each day. 

Well-draining agricultural land requires fewer cultivation passes; it is more resistant to the pressure of vehicle tyres and allows you to work more quickly, saving you time and money.

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