Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Our philosophy and approach to safety is uncompromising and we continuously monitor and evaluate all our safety measures to ensure that we operate way above the minimum requirements. Our in-house health and safety team is responsible for meeting all regulation requirements.

We introduced trained ‘Mental Health First Aiders’ across the business to ensure we could recognise and support those struggling with mental health issues. Mental health and wellbeing is something we take very seriously at DMJ and we are keen to raise awareness and prioritise all of our workforce.

Our in-house safety team are continuously training and up shilling our staff to ensure total compliance and maintenance of the highest industry standards.


Our golden rules for safety are:

1. Be fit for work.

2. Ensure appropriate PPE is worn.

3. Always receive a briefing.

4. Report any unsafe acts.

5. Don’t be afraid to challenge.


It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure we all go home safely.

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